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Vėjų Spektras sells its 30 MW wind park

18 July 2011

After all necessary regulatory approvals on July 15th the sale of 30 MW wind park owned by UAB Vėjų Spektras has been closed. 30 MW wind park, situated near Kretinga, Lithuania is operational since the end of 2006. It was the largest wind park in the Baltic states at the time of launch and remains one of the largest parks currently in operation. The buyer of the wind park is…

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Medicover and Karell to operate under new name

3 January 2011

Medicover and Karell have completed merger integration proceedings and will operate under the Qvalitas Medical Centre trademark as of 1 January 2011.

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Archyvų Centras group enters Latvian document storage market

6 December 2010

Archyvų Centras, which to date has operated in Estonia as Arhiivikeskus and in Lithuania as Archyvų Sistemos, has now also established operations in Latvia.

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