Current investments

Event tickets distribution: AS Baltic Ticket Holdings

Baltic Ticket Holdings is a holding company, which owns entertainment, sports, theatre and other event ticket distribution firms in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Ticketing companies run a proprietary state-of-the-art ticketing system, integrate Internet store and a physical distribution network of some 400 sales points across the four countries. The network has sold tickets to most of the largest events in the Baltic States over the past decade. With more than 16 million tickets sold, the company aims to provide a simple and convenient ticket-buying experience as well as reliable service to event promoters, sport clubs, theatres and venues. LHV Capital invested in a 65% stake in Baltic Ticket Holdings in 2007 and has helped it to expand across the Baltic States and Belarus and consistently develop its ticketing technology.

Piletilevi (EE)
Biļešu Serviss (LV)
Bilietų Pasaulis (LT)
Bileti (BY)

Documents physical and digital archiving: AB Archyvų Centras

This holding company owns business archiving and records management firms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as a company providing digital archiving in Estonia. Physical records archiving companies run specialised warehouse facilities in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius and help their clients to outsource document archiving, optimise back-office processes and drive efficiency. A digital archiving company preserves digital records over a long period and ensures that customer files can be accessed intact in future regardless of technological changes. LHV Capital invested in Archyvų Centras in 2008 and controls 100% of the company. Through acquisitions and green-field entries, Archyvų Centras has expanded its document archiving operations across the Baltic States and has also ventured into the digital archiving business.

Archyvų Sistemos (LT)
Arhiivikeskus (EE)
Arhīvu Serviss (LV)
Infore Digital Archives

Qvalitas Medical Centre

The Qvalitas Medical Centre provides occupational health care services to companies and specialised health care solutions to private clients in Estonia. Qvalitas offers complex health care plans to business clients, including risk assessment of the working environment, check-ups for employees by general or specialist doctors, diagnostic procedures, vaccinations, training courses and health- and ergonomics-related consultations. Healthy employees not only create a positive and productive environment but also foster their employer’s efficiency by reducing illness-related absenteeism. The company is also licensed to inspect the health of high-risk professionals, such as pilots. LHV Capital acquired a minority stake in Qvalitas in 2009, facilitating consolidation in the field of occupational health care in Estonia.

Qvalitas Medical Centre