Company in brief

LHV Capital was established in 2010 as a result of the separation of the private equity operations of LHV Bank. Although the company is young, we are not starting from scratch but continuing to develop private equity activities initiated in the bank in 2006. Our new structure marks a milestone: we are setting growth targets for our activities as another priority along with the successful management of our existing portfolio.
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Our investment approach is general but bound by certain characteristics of the target companies. We focus on medium-sized firms in the Baltic States with the potential to develop operations in all three countries, either organically or through acquisitions. We search for opportunities in market niches where companies tend to shun the limelight and popularity, instead focusing closely on growing and improving their core competence. Industry leaders with stable cash-flows and ‘sticky’ clients (i.e. for whom it would be difficult or costly to change provider) draw our interest. We tend to take majority stakes by providing growth capital or enacting buy-outs, and exceptionally consider minority stakes.
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LHV Capital’s private equity portfolio – LHV Capital I Pte Ltd – exemplifies our strategy. The portfolio consists of investments in the business services sector: event ticket distribution; physical and digital records storage; and medical services. In the ticket distribution and records storage sectors our companies operate across the Baltic States and are the established market leaders. Our investment in occupational health services currently covers Estonia, where the company is a market leader, and has good structural advantages for further growth.
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At present, LHV Capital is raising new funds for its LHV Capital II private equity growth and buyout fund.
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