10 students who became rich thanks to successful investment

When you are a student, you constantly have to think about where to get money, when the next party takes place and how to complete all assignments on time. While the last one can be easily solved with a professional service like papercoach.net, and the middle one is not a question at all (students have parties all the time), you can think about the ideas of making money. There are many successful entrepreneurs who made their first incomes in high school and college, so why not join them? All you have to do is to work hard, know the best ways to invest money young people have, and get inspired by

Top successful and rich student entrepreneurs

If you are thinking, «How can I start investing with little money?», read about ten students who started with almost nothing. So how much of your money should you invest?

Tim Sykes

This young but already famous Jewish guy invested money from his bar mitzvah in stocks. By the 21st year of life, the boy had one and a half million dollars. Now he is a speaker inspiring other young people to make money with trading;

Siblings Ferreira

Scott and his sister Stacey launched the website named MySocialCloud still being students. These little entrepreneurs followed their father who worked for Google and IBM and invested in the cloud-based platform that brought them $1 million;

James Wells

A young student from the UK filled the market need for online eyeglasses shopping using his student loan as the capital. During the first year it paid off with $4 million;

Matt Wegrynz

This young entrepreneur started buying and then re-selling domains when he was 17 and reached the level of six figures deals quite quickly;

Sean Belnik

When he was 16, the boy invested $600 to the e-tail shop selling small items. Then he found the website to sell furniture and conquered the market. By 20, Seam had already $24 million paid off;

John Koon

Also, at the age of 16, John founded an auto parts business and then signed a contract with MTV to equip its reality shows with his products. Using this business contact, John had a deal with Young Jeezy about their fashion line. Today his net worth is forty million dollars, and his incomes keep growing;

Mark Zuckerberg

One of the most recognized college students who succeeded by investing in a startup is, of course, Facebook founder. He created the first version, the Facebook when he was still a student and is now considered one of the richest people worldwide with his $20 billion;

Brian Wong

When he was 19, Brian became the head of the promising mobile company and he already earned over $15 million also investing capital in Kiip campaign;

Chris Phillips

The guy made his first million going to high school, creating a company that hosts web domains and also provides their registration. Two years later he reached $10 million of yearly income not going to slow down at all;

Kiowa Kavovit

This girl is probably the youngest businesswoman as she was just six when she scored a $100K investment and turned it into millions.
Even if you drop out of college, the good news is that if you are smart enough to invest your money the right way, you can join these ten successful guys and become one of 12 million millionaires in the US.